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For 9 years, Samsung did not sell as "few" mobiles as now

The Korean company has suffered in its own meats the paralysis of world markets this 2020.

Samsung is the undisputed leader of the global mobile market as far as sales are concerned. The South Korean company sells millions and millions of terminals every year, specifically 300 million annually since 2012. However, it seems that this 2020 will not be able to repeat feat and it will remain below such a symbolic figure harvested in previous years.

After the first 9 months of the year, Samsung has sold 189 million smartphones. These are impressive figures and only within the reach of a company of its size, but this does not prevent the joy be measured. Either there is a totally unexpected boom in the last days of 2020 or it will be impossible match or exceed their 2019 numbers.

New sights for 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

The wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

It is assumed that with the new year there will be a clean slate. The effects of the pandemic caused by covid-19 will be less noticeable and Samsung will return to path of good sales. Or so, at least, they expect from the Korean giant. So much so that they have set themselves a goal to commercialize 307 million terminals during 2021. For optimism it is not.

A good boost will come early, with the release of the Galaxy S21 Series, a range that has not performed particularly well this 2020.

But will not be the one. From Samsung they plan give a good boost to the mid-range, focusing on the 5G network as a great attraction implemented, among others, in the Galaxy A32 5G.

Also, another of the great attractions and sales impulse is expected to be seen with the new folding phones. Numerous sources point to the launch of up to three devices with folding screen, a segment that has already proven fruitful for the company. Forecasts here revolve around 50 million units in 2021, thanks in part to a hypothetical Lite version, much more affordable for the average buyer.