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'Flim' allows you to search for objects or even colors

There are many platforms to search for information about movies, such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes or Filmaffinity. Flim (yes, it is well written) is a platform that offers us something different: search inside movies.

This platform is in charge of collecting screenshots of thousands of movies, and its creators assure that its database adds 50,000 new captures daily in high definition.

By colors or words

At the moment they include film and documentary screenshots, but they announce that they will soon incorporate images of both advertising and video clips. In fact, Flim calls itself "the best tool for iconographic search".

An artificial intelligence is responsible for analyzing the colors of each image and the objects, characters or clothes that appear in it. In this way, we can do all kinds of searches within films or documentaries.

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Can be used for free, but there is a search limit if we use it without registering (registering is also free). As we said, it is possible to search by colors, and in the upper right we will find a palette to choose the one we want (even entering the hex code).

Window And Flim

Anyway, I think the interesting point is be able to enter terms (in English) in the search engine and see what movies they appear in. Here are some examples of searches:

Window And Flim


Window And Flim


Window And Flim

Guitar ("guitar")

Window And Flim

Kiss ("kiss")

Window And Flim

Lamps ("lamp")

Clicking on a screenshot, it will give us much more information about the year of release of the film, the director, or even all the tags associated with that same image:

Window And Flim

We can even combine both factors, and only look for certain objects or people and that match a certain color. As we can see from the address, this platform is in beta phase, but it's already promising enough.

It can be ideal for those who want to make a compilation on product placement in the history of cinema, or simply to discover movies that feature certain items.