first clues of a new supposed cheap Pixel

First details of the hypothetical next Google Pixel XE.

There is no company that is spared from the leaks and Google was not going to be any different. A few days ago, some photos of a phone appeared online that, presumably, correspond to the Pixel XE, as it is the name of the device that is reflected on the screen.

From these images the first thing we deduce is the front frames are quite wide along the entire panel, plus a small hole in the central part to shelter the selfie camera.

In addition, thanks to the information seen in the photographs, we can also say that this supposed next Google device will have NFC compatibility and will incorporate support for two SIM cards.

No clues to specs

course goolge pixel xe

Supposed Google Pixel XE.

For the rest, this leaked information has left us blind as to the rest of the specifications. We don't even have a clue about the rear since all the images correspond to the screen already two sections of the settings.

With this level of filtration and taking into account that Google has recently launched the Google Pixel 5 on the market, it is not expected that we will see this Google Pixel XE in stores in 2021.

Consequently, its launch will presumably take place during the first months of 2021, coinciding with the arrival of large terminals such as the Samsung Galaxy S21, the OnePlus 9 or the Motorola Nio.

Will Google Photos have unlimited?

Google Pixel 5

So are the cameras of the new Google Pixel 5.

You already know that recently Google has decided to eliminate the unlimited storage of Google Photos. The only exception that this measure contemplated was for the company's own phones, the Google Pixel, which would continue to enjoy this service in an unlimited way if they had been released before it went into effect next year.

Due to this, the exact day on which Google decides to market the Pixel XE is especially important, since doing so before June 1, 2021, would have the added value of enjoy unlimited Google Photos.