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Firefox 85 is coming in January with a major privacy enhancement: network partitioning

The next version of Mozilla's browser, Firefox 85, will arrive in January with a new feature that will improve privacy of users fighting more effectively the action of the crawls that we can find on the web.

Firefox will incorporate, after having done it at the time Safari and more recently Google Chrome, network partitioning. A feature that is being developed in a privacy group of the World Wide Web Consortium as a new standard to make it difficult to track third-party services without users practically noticing.

The new feature is intended to make it harder for third parties to track.

Combating crawling more effectively

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Very simply explained, network partitioning consists of distributing the information that a browser stores as it is used to access different websites: image, font, favicon, HTTP cache ... If before that data was saved in a only space and someone accessed it, could see the rest of the saved. Now it won't be exactly like that.

What this new feature will do is create spaces for each of the websites that are visited

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What this new feature will do is create spaces for each of the visited websites. In this way, a specific service hosted on a specific website will only be able to see the information enabled for that website, that is, its own information. Tracing is therefore difficult.

This partitioning system, although it is similar to the one already present in Apple and Google browsers, is more ambitious. As reported ZDNetThis may mean that some performance is lost as happened to Chrome with Google sources, but Mozilla is willing to take on these inconveniences due to the benefits that the feature entails for users.