File search function from Cortana finally lands in Windows 10

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 10, 20270, for Insider program participants. And, apart from some bug fixes, it also brings new features to the operating system: a new functionality for Cortana.

Microsoft has dubbed it 'File Skill', a way to make it easier for users to locate and open files by voice. In the words of Brandon LeBlanc, program manager for the Windows Insider program:

"Now you can use Cortana on your computer to translate your thoughts into direct actions to open and find your files, saving you the time it takes to access folders and applications to locate them."

For now, this new feature is only available to American English speakers.

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In this way, once the aforementioned build is installed, users will be able to start searching for their files in various ways, dictating ...

  • Parts of the name of them ("Cortana, open Final Draft").

  • The author's name from the document ("Cortana, find Elon Musk's Excel").

  • The name of the file format ("Cortana, find my PDFs").

  • Or determined features ("Cortana, find my files recently").

The 'file skill' feature only allows search locally saved files, except in the case that we are corporate account users, who can also access Sharepoint and OneDrive for Business.

In any case, it is surprising that Microsoft now remembers Cortana when has done nothing more than gradually put aside this assistant, arriving to 'emancipate' it from the operating system or to facilitate its elimination from the system.

Apart from everything related to Cortana, this update mainly includes bug fixes (dialog boxes with black backgrounds, maximize buttons that closed windows ...) and performance improvements.

Via | ZDNet