extreme minimalism in a super customizable launcher

Ratio is a minimalist style launcher that is designed for avoid distractions without losing sight of personalization or speed of smartphone use: you can anchor shortcuts, divide apps by categories, place your own widgets on desktops and even centralize messaging on one screen.

Launchers for Android can be of so many types that it is often difficult to decide, especially if two characteristics are combined: that the app in question is minimalist and also offers large amounts of customization. In general, one premise usually excludes the other; at least until we come across launchers like Ratio. This application allows you to completely change your phone offering a unique look. We have checked it.

Three customizable desks separated by functionality

Ratio Launcher

Ratio is a relatively recent launcher since it debuted in the Android app store in October 2020. It has been evolving with updates to the latest version, number 4.0 (it is from December 12). The launcher offers stability, a minimalist appearance, has a remarkable amount of customizations and, yes, not too light: it weighs about 180 MB. On mobile phones with more features, it may not work as smoothly as it should.

How to fully customize Android

The launcher divides the system interface into three desktops: Root (shortcuts), Tales (applications) and Tree (messaging). All the elements are placed in a row paying special attention to the texts. In this way the visual aspect is reduced to a minimum so that whoever installs Ratio does not have to navigate too much to choose what they use the most. With a catch: not easy to configure.

On the desktop on the left, the one called Root, we can dock different widgets, news, searches or shortcuts. It is an area designed for adjust phone use from outside apps: Ratio proposes avoiding distractions with access to the essentials. It is configurable since the Root space supports the movement of any element.

Ratio Launcher

In the Tiles section (the central desktop) we can move the applications and pin them by categories. Ratio automatically qualifies them by distributing them in a kind of folders, all with black and white icons (it is compatible with icon packs), according to the style of the launcher. Like is logic, the user can choose the layout of the apps, where each one goes and, also, it is possible to search for a specific one or access the drawer with the uncategorized (App Box).

Ratio Launcher

Finally, the space called Tree (on the right) has a screen in which the messaging conversations will be shown. Ratio is compatible with WhatsApp, Facebook Lite, Instagram and Telegram: through access to notifications and with your own client in the case of the aforementioned Telegram. Tree needs a registration with mail (free) and give the launcher access to a wide selection of permissions, with the privacy risks that it implies (in principle it is safe).

Despite being minimalist, Ratio is quite complex to configure. Although it is worth delving into its settings, especially if you like to fully customize the launcher

Ratio has seemed like a great bet for differentiation within the field of launchers. It brings charisma, allows a lot of adjustments and can save a lot of time for those actively use their phone and want to keep it organized. It is a free app, has no ads and does not currently offer in-app purchases.