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Expose, an app to create Cyberpunk-style effects on any of your photos

Expose is a new photo editing application that offers a wide selection of filters with which turn a still image into a 'punk' aesthetic animation. Blurs, neon-toned colors, blinks and even Cyberpunk-style filters.

There are countless applications with which to edit images, also social networks include their own editors. With so many effects and filters where to choose the most helpful thing is to pull what we already know; hence achieving a different image from the rest is increasingly difficult. Of course, there are more than enough options, such as those offered by the new Expose app. Do you want your photos to look like the neon Cyberpunk style? Well, Expose makes it easy.

Turn your photos into animated 'punk' postcards

Expose Editor Photos

The success of Cyberpunk is overwhelming despite the initial problems that both the developer and the players are suffering. Even so, there is no doubt that the graphic style achieved borders on the work of art, both for the aesthetics developed expressly and for the bugs that Cyberpunk treasures. AND Expose drinks in that neon atmosphere to offer a very peculiar collection of filters.

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Expose is a photo editing application that uses GPU rendering based processing to achieve glitch or flicker effects. The app offers 23 effects and filters divided into different categories that allow you to convert static photos into small looping videos. Colors that move parallel to objects in the image, background effects, geometric combinations with blur and a 'Cyberpunk air' that manages to completely change the original style of photography. Everything in a simple way.

Expose Editor Photos

The application allows you to apply an effect on any photo stored on the phone. This effect can be adjusted in intensity to achieve personalized results. And of great quality: Expose achieves effects as striking as they are achieved.

You can download Expose for free through the Google Play Store. Not all filters are available as there are some that require the 'premium' version of the app; This can be obtained for 3.99 euros. In addition, the in-app purchase allows you to remove the watermark that Expose applies to the resulting videos.

Expose by VIMAGE: Photo Editing & Glitch Filters

Expose by VIMAGE: Photo Editing & Glitch Filters

  • Developer: vimage
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Photography