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Everything you know about the Airpods Pro Lite, Apple's next headphones

The price of the AirPods Pro is one of its great handicaps and Apple may solve this in future models.

We already know that until Apple moves micha the market stays looking expectant. The apple sets a trend and it is not that other brands follow it, but that they join the wave and offer an alternative. It has happened with smartwatches and it has happened again with wireless headphones.

Whether or not they are Apple enthusiasts, their AirPods are a hit. They are exquisitely designed and operated, and most importantly, the approval and full acceptance of its users. It is similar to that its good work in the market has caused Apple to make an effort to launch new versions and variants of the existing ones and there the figure of some hypothetical AirPods Pro Lite.

What do we know about the supposed AirPods Pro Lite

airpods pro

The AirPods Pro are designed to be used with Apple products, although they work perfectly on Android.

Apple currently has four variants of AirPods: first-generation AirPods, AirPods with wireless charging case, AirPods Pro, and the latest to arrive, AirPods Max.

All forecasts suggest that in the first months of 2021 the family will grow, although opinions are divided between an update of the Pro version or a more modest and cheaper model, Lite.

According to The Elec, the election that will first see the light will be that of the AirPods Pro Lite. With that surname we can already get an idea of ​​a version with reduced characteristics, which in this case would materialize in the elimination of noise cancellation.

In return, the supposed new wireless headphones from the Cupertino company would be cheaper than the current AirPods Pro (between 200 and 220 euros of RRP). Furthermore, precisely due to the elimination of a function that requires so much technology as noise cancellation, they would have a higher capacity battery.

At the moment there is no official news about it but, if nothing goes wrong, in the coming months there will be a new variant of AirPods in stores. What we do know (if the natural behavior we've seen so far remains) is that they will be fully compatible with Android. Of course, they will not perform 100% because, as we know, Every device that comes out of the Apple universe sees some of its features cut back.