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European Commission lists Telegram on 'piracy watch list' for "insufficient" actions

The European Commission has updated its Counterfeiting and Piracy Watch List, first published in 2018, incorporating for the first time the instant messaging application Telegram and the Russian social network VK.

In this listing we find famous sites in the world of downloads such as The Pirate Bay, Sci-hub or Popcorn Time. Now this list of platforms, which in the opinion of the European institution "lag behind in efforts to combat piracy or counterfeiting," has been expanded with a section dedicated to social media that Telegram and VK have launched.

The purpose of the list is that operators and authorities, among others, adopt measures against the practices by which these services have been included in it.

The list, as the European Commission itself highlights, draws on contributions from "stakeholders from various sectors", is not exhaustive and does not contain conclusions on legal infractions.

"It is limited to reporting on the complaints made by the interested parties and the responses provided by the platforms", although its purpose is that actions are taken. Specifically, "to encourage operators and owners, as well as local law enforcement authorities and governments, to take the necessary actions and measures to reduce the availability of goods or services that infringe intellectual property rights. in those markets. "

"Telegram's response actions are insufficient"

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Counterfeiting and Piracy Watch List notes that Telegram has been flagged following notification of stakeholders from the publishing, music and audiovisual industries. They report that certain features of the application, such as public channels, are used "to share unauthorized content for download or transmission, including music, books, news publications, movies and television programs."

They also ensure that Telegram users "also share links with other sites that host content protected by copyright or with other markets that sell counterfeit products and pharmaceutical products."

From Telegram they affirm that no malicious content is tolerated on their platform

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The request to include the application in the list published by the European Commission is due, says the document, to the fact that stakeholders from different industries assure that "Telegram's response actions are insufficient when they report violations". Those responsible do not agree.

In response to being listed, from Telegram they affirm that no malicious content is tolerated on their platform and that these are deleted within 24 hours when they are notified. The platform exemplifies this by recalling that it closed 26 channels in Italy as a result of an order from the local regulator and points out that its moderation has been "very successful" in other areas such as the fight against terrorist propaganda or the abuse of minors.