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Eight Xiaomi models from 2019 will receive Android 11 officially

Some time ago, Xiaomi announced its new proprietary layer for Android, MIUI 12, and gave a list of the phones that would receive it soon, sticking to a staggered roadmap with releases every few weeks. The problem is that the arrival of MIUI 12 did not imply, as it usually happens with MIUI, that the phone in question took a step forward in terms of the version of the operating system.

Now, Xiaomi has put on the table the name of eight phones, eight models launched in 2019, which will receive, yes or yes, Android 11 officially. Logically, with the step forward also in the layer, receiving MIUI 12 in the same package. Eight phones that include high and medium ranges.

Eight 2019 models and more to come

Xiaomi's Android 11 beta program is currently on pause because of the Chinese company prepare the arrival of MIUI 12.5 for the first quarter of next year. Supposedly it should arrive, in fact, on board the next Xiaomi Mi 11 that could be presented even before the end of this year 2020.

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But as soon as the beta program resumes, Xiaomi will start testing eight models in its catalog launched in 2019. Models that will go through the usual circuit of the various testing phases before the official release months later. The models confirmed by Xiaomi for the update to Android 11 are the following:

All of them will receive Android 11 in the coming months, with its consequent dose of MIUI 12 in case you have not received it yet. What Xiaomi has not confirmed is what other models will queue once the process is completed with the eight selected, but there would still be 2019 models capable of running Android 11 without problems, such as the Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

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