Edge Beta is updated on Android and now allows you to synchronize history and tabs with Windows 10

Microsoft has taken a step forward with the new Chromium-based Edge. A browser that is standing up to other consolidated alternatives such as Chrome or Firefox and it is doing so in both desktop and mobile versions and partly because of improvements like this one that now comes to Android.

In its attempt to make Edge with Chromium engine a more attractive browser, now all those who make use of it on Android will see how it is easier to have all the data synchronized. For now, an improvement only available in the beta phase that should not take long to reach the stable version of Edge.

Edge improves its performance


This is the version of the beta channel with the number of Microsoft Edge and that can now be downloaded from Google Play. In it now appear more elements that will be synchronized with the version of Edge for other platforms always, yes, that we are in both cases logged with the same account.

These are the necessary steps to be able to use both Edge based on Chromium and the Legacy version on a PC

Until now we had the possibility of synchronizing data and content and now we see how within the settings of our account and in the "Synchronization" section a more complete list appears composed of additional elements such as favorites, open tabs, form filling, passwords, collections and history.


Practical options such as search history and tab syncing to improve the synchronization of data between the phone and the computer. In addition, there is another option called "payments" that appears inactive for now.

Remember that joining the beta programs for different applications on Google Play is extremely easy and in this way you can access functionalities before they reach generality of the public.


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Via | Windows Central