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easy device management for small businesses

Google has announced its own device management service for small and medium businesses based on Android Enterprise, but easier to configure and simpler than a full traditional MDM environment.

This service is called Android Enterprise Essentials and allows to secure the devices such as mobiles and tablets of a company to guarantee that they comply minimum safety guidelinessuch as including blocking protection, being encrypted or being able to delete your data remotely.

Small Business Security

Google describes Android Enterprise Essentials as a "lightweight and efficient secure administration service", intended for facilitate mobile device management for small and medium-sized businesses who don't want to purchase a more complex MDM system at the moment, or want to try a lighter solution first.

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Part of its advantages are that it is not necessary to configure anything or have a dedicated team to manage the devices, but they come factory preset with policies persistently active - that is, employees cannot deactivate them.


These policies are simpler than in other MDM management systems, although the most important ones are included: require mobile protection, device encryption, require the use of virus protection such as Google Play Protect and the ability to remotely wipe a device in case it is lost or stolen.

All this, with a "low" budget, although at the moment we don't have the figure. Companies that are interested in this service can sign up for a webinar to learn more about it and a product demonstration on January 26. The global launch expected "early 2021".

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