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DivxTotal changes its domain again before the end of the year by migrating all its torrents to one place

Few Spanish torrent download websites are as popular as DivxTotal, one that despite its multiple blockades by the operators and the consequent domain changes in the last two years, remains standing.

The administrators of the web tell us that they are doing their last update of the year and have moved from to dí Yes, in case you don't notice the only difference in the domain is that the i has a tilde. The actual URL is actually

The Spanish torrent download website that refuses to die


In 2018, after the so-called "Operation Cascada", the Civil Guard closed Divxtotal and another 22 P2P websites, but soon after most of the websites reopened again. In fact, they told us back then that the shutdown had given them "free publicity" and their popularity increased.

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In 2019 they changed their domain to for stay accessible in Spain. Its administrators live in Argentina and have only faced problems due to blockages in Spain, where they obtain more than 50% of their visits.

Currently there are multiple active domains that will be moved to this new address, and there are also many clones that have nothing to do with the original website. In Divxtotal you get torrent links to movies and series in Spanish and in the original version.