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Disney +, Stephen King, SpongeBob SquarePants and Will Smith triumph in Google Play's' Users' Choice 'of 2020

The year is ending and the companies they count how everything has happened in digitalWell, the part of palpable reality is better left alone. Google, for example, published the list of the most valued apps and games on Google Play, of those selected by its own editors, but there was still a list to do.

Some time ago we published that Google began to ask users about their favorite apps in order to develop the 'Users' Choice' of this 2020 and the results have already been made public. Disney +, for example, has won the award for the app best valued by users, and it is not the only one on the list.

Disney + is the app of choice for the public


The Android app for Disney's streaming service for movies, series and documentaries It has been circulating since the launch of the platform last 2019, although in 2020 it spread to more countries reaching, among others, Spain. Now, a year after its premiere and with the closing of the season, Google Play users have chosen Disney + as their favorite application of the year in the app store.

Other apps have had to lose for Disney + to win, logically, and among the finalists the Vimeo Create app, the Microsoft Office app and also the Speekoo app have crept in. Disney + has gone ahead of other more veteran apps in the streaming world like Netflix, for example, one of its main competitors.

The best Android games of 2020 ... so far

In terms of games, the winner of this 2020 It was 'SpongeBob: Cooking Contest', a mobile game starring the ultra-well-known SpongeBob, which already has more than 210,000 ratings on Google Play, with an average score of 4.3. According to Google Play users who have participated in the vote, there has been no better game than SpongeBob SquarePants.

Finally, Google Play users have also chosen what they consider to be the best book of the year (among those published on Google Play, of course) and also the best film. The first of the prizes has gone to 'If it bleeds', a compilation of short novels by the master of costumbrista horror, Stephen King. The best film has fallen on 'Bad Boys for Life', the third and last (for now) installment of the saga 'Two rebel policemen' starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, among others.