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Disney + raises the price in Europe to 8.99 euros from February, adding Star to its offer

Disney celebrated Disney Investor Day 2020 last night, where they have made great content announcements for Disney + in the coming years. Among all the tangle of new productions from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wats or National Geographic, the company has announced a price increase for Disney + in Europe. As the price increases of the operators, this is justified that from now on, the platform will have the Star catalog.

This will make the service go from cost 6.99 to 8.99 euros, and that to the present and future contents of the main Disney franchises, those of ABC, FX, Freeform, Searchlight and 20th Century Studios are added. As a user, we may not be interested in having them, but it is not optional, if we want Disney + we will have to pay the extra two euros.

The rise is not immediate


Disney has announced that This rise in Europe will be effective as of February 23, 2021. In Latin America, the company has dedicated itself to maintaining the base service, and optionally offering Star +, where they will include sports content.

Disney + has added 50 million users in 2020

Until now, the Disney + price was the lowest of all the big competitors (Leaving out Apple TV +, which for the moment is not), but it was also true that the company has not had great releases beyond 'The Mandalorian' or now 'Mulán', which can now be seen for free (if we are subscribers ). Of course, we are waiting for 'Soul'. Now, with all the big releases announced, the company is betting on a price increase to cover so much novelty.

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And it does so knowing that it is strong, having reached 86.8 million users. This is a large number, which they did not expect to achieve until 2024, so the company has absolutely broken all your expectations, and as we said, without great original titles beyond the Star Wars series, which is also short with 16 chapters in two seasons. Since Disney + came here somewhat later, it will be necessary to see when the price increase applies to the people who paid the annual subscription with the introductory offer.