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discover the songs and artists you have listened to the most this year

You can now know which are the songs and artists that you have listened to the most this year thanks to Spotify Wrapped 2020.

Like every year around this time, Spotify once again offers us its peculiar Wrapped function, with which the most popular music streaming platform offers us the possibility of closing the year by looking back, and checking which have been the most listened songs, as well as our favorite artists and genres of the last twelve months, through a colorful summary which allows us to review our musical selection of the year.

This time, Spotify emphasizes the unusual that it has been the year 2020 for everyone,

Spotify Wrapped 2020 Cover Image

Spotify Wrapped 2020 shows you the most listened to songs and artists this year.

How to view and share your Spotify Wrapped 2020

The easiest way to check out our 2020 Spotify roundup is to have the application installed on the mobile. However, it is also possible generate our own Wrapped 2020 through the official website of the platform.

Once inside, you will see a card like the one in the image above these lines, which encourages you to press to view a summary of your statistics of Spotify usage over the last few months. Among them you will find the artists you've listened to the most and how many minutes of playback have you dedicated to them, the genres and artists most listened to at each time of the year, or the song that has marked your year 2020 –as well as the occasional surprise that we will not reveal–.

When tapping on this card, the Spotify Wrapped will show you your music summary in the form of stories. Each of the stories will contain its own music, and you can move forward or backward by clicking on the right or left side of the screen respectively.

Also, if you want to share one of the specific slides, you just have to slide up on the storie, and choose where do you want to share it, either on Instagram –in a publication or in your stories–, Instagram or through messaging apps like WhatsApp

At the end, as usual, Spotify will automatically create a playlist with your most listened and favorite songs of the year 2020, which you can save along with the rest of the playlists in your library.

But the Spotify Wrapped 2020, like last year, not only includes music. If you have used the app to listen to podcasts like Conectando, our weekly podcast on Android, the most listened to programs will appear in your Wrapped so that you can know which creators you have spent the most time with in recent months.