DailyArt, an app that every day invites us to learn about a work of art and its creator

We live too fast with our attention on too many stimuli, and much of the blame is on the computer in our pocket. Our mobile phone is a gateway to a multitude of services and content, so why not also make it a door to art. Especially when we don't have to do anything but contemplate, and an application does it all for us.

That is the concept of DailyArt, an app for mobile phones that try to show us, at least once a day, a work of art on our smartphone. Instead of receiving other notifications, DailyArt tries to inspire and, incidentally, that we learn a little, because what is shown comes with its informative text. Art culture at a swipe of screen unlock.

One piece of art a day


Just as doctors and dietitians recommend consuming five pieces of fruit every day, DailyArt proposes something similar but with intellectual consumption, with the consumption of works of art. The application has a tremendously simple operation but no less commendable: every day we will have art waiting to be enjoyed or consumed through a notification on the mobile that we can configure at the desired time.

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As the developers themselves tell, DailyArt contains an archive with more than 2,500 works of art by more than 780 artists, and every day we have one of the first and the biography of its creator. All of this explained in a plain, simple and enjoyable way, so that we can consume some culture, even if only once a day. Ideal for those who want to expand their knowledge in this field and those who want to start.

Although the application will automatically propose a daily work of art, if we wish we can delve into your database locating more and more works contained in the application. Everything we consult can be shared and we will also have a widget in case we prefer to place DailyArt on the desktop and make it more accessible.

DailyArt - Daily dose of art history

DailyArt - Daily dose of art history

  • Price: Free (purchases inside)
  • Developer: Moiseum
  • Download it at: Google play