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"Cybercriminals' Favorite VPN" Has Been Shut Down by FBI, Europol, and Various European Police

Police forces of Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and France, together with Europol and the FBI, have made the Safe-Inet virtual private network history. "Cybercriminals' favorite VPN", as it has been described by police forces, was shut down yesterday after a coordinated police action.

This service had been operating for more than a decade and was used "by some of the biggest cybercriminals in the world", according to authorities. From responsible for malicious applications of ransomware or executors of campaigns e-skimming, that is, the theft of bank card information.

This VPN service was used, according to security forces, "by some of the largest cybercriminals in the world"

After the intervention of the servers and the seizure of the domains, websites linked to this VPN service display a Europol welcome page in which the reason for the non-operation of Safe-Inet is reported.

250 companies spied on by the users of this VPN

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"This VPN service was sold at a high price to the criminal underworld as one of the best tools available to avoid police interception, offering up to 5 layers of anonymous VPN connections ", explains from Europol.

The security forces have also discovered that around 250 companies around the world were "being spied on" by cybercriminals who used Safe-Inet up to now. These companies were alerted to the possibility of an imminent attack after which they would be asked for a rescue and took measures to prevent it.

Safe-Inet was being touted as "one of the best tools available to prevent police interception"

What is a proxy and how is it different from a VPN?

This VPN now is inaccessible after the police action, although the investigation continues. The investigations are being carried out in several countries with the aim of identifying those who used this tool allegedly to commit crimes through the internet and act against them.

This coordinated decommissioning has been carried out within the framework of the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats and with the support of Europol's European Cybercrime Center, which was in charge of bringing together all the countries involved in the operation.