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Control YouTube Music with these free clients for Windows, macOS, or an extension for Google Chrome

As with Spotify, one of the positive aspects of YouTube Music is that we can use the service from a browser, which means that we can access this gigantic music library through any computer and operating system.

Anyway, many of us like to have applications of certain services to, for example, not load Chrome with more processes and, incidentally, access some extra functionalities.

Many advantages over the web version

YT Music is an unofficial and completely free client for macOS. Its developer, Stephen Radford, says that he decided to create this application because he missed "the desktop experience that Spotify offers."

The design is as expected, but when installing it we will have a series of advantages compared to using the web version of the service, such as the possibility of use keys to control playback or receive notifications. Here is the complete list:

  • Control playback using your Mac's media keys

  • Keyboard shortcuts for actions like liking or disliking songs

  • Support for the "Today" widget in macOS 10.12.2+

  • Control YT Music from the touch bar

  • Notifications when a song starts playing

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One of the positive points is that it is a fully open source project, and you can check all the details on their GitHub page.

Do not touch the keys: this is the tenkeyless keyboards, 60% and up to 40% that conquer the enthusiasts of this segment

YouTube Music Desktop (its name doesn't mislead much) is another totally free unofficial client, but this time it's available for Windows, Linux, and (again) macOS.

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The functionalities are practically the same and not many changes in terms of design. Continuing with the similarities, we can also learn more details about this project on GitHub.

YT Music Mini for Chrome

If you are not a macOS user, you can use a free extension for Google Chrome: YT Music Mini. It's about a mini player with which we will have access to the multimedia controls, lyrics or LastFM.

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It works correctly, its design is very correct and it has several years of life. Its more than 10,000 users and its almost five stars indicate that it is an option to consider if we are users of this service.