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Chrome will allow us to save the passwords in our Google account, with or without active synchronization

Soon we can use our Google account basically as a password manager. Although it is currently possible to synchronize our passwords stored in Chrome across multiple devices, now we can access them with or without synchronization if we save them in our Google account.

The new feature is now available in Chrome Canary 89 behind a flag, and allows us save the passwords in our Google account instead of in the device's password manager.

Move passwords stored on a device to Google account

In addition to this, Chrome will also allow us to move the passwords that we have stored locally on the device to our Google account to log in with our credentials anywhere.

That is, if we move our passwords to the Google account, we will no longer have to use the Chrome synchronization password to access the passwords that we store locally.

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Google Chrome passwords

If you want to test this feature now, you need to install Chrome Canary and activate the experimental feature. For this it is necessary to write chrome: // flags in the url bar and search for "account data storage" (without quotes).

Enable the two options that appear in the image above, restart Chrome and that's it. Once this is done you will need to disable synchronization from chrome: // settings / syncSetup to log out of all Google services.

Chrome Google Passwords

Make sure to log into Google again without turning on Chrome sync. The next thing is to go to the Chrome password settings chrome: // settings / passwords and now you can choose where to save the passwords stored in the browser.

With this enabled, when you log into a new site, Chrome will ask you where you want to store the following passwords, without in Chrome on the local device or in your Google account.

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