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Chris Hemsworth has an app to make you look like Thor and it's one of the best of the year

Centr, an app to get as strong as a god.

Luckily in both the Android Play Store and the Apple Store on iOS, we have a multitude of applications and tools with which to exercise and get in shape. Thanks to technology it is no longer necessary to go to a gym and it is that only with a smartphone can we get stronger than vinegar.

So if you are thinking of cutting down that gut that is coming out lately or you have just realized that it is time to do some exercise, today we bring you an application to get like Thor himself, Norse god of thunder.

We don't promise you will shoot lightning bolts through your eyes, but you can get as strong as Thor


With Centr we will not shoot lightning but we can get strong

If you are lovers of comics and superhero movies, you will know that Thor is one of the best known Marvel members today. Not only is he a god, he has a huge hammer and throws lightning bolts, but also thanks to the latest movies released in theaters, his popularity has grown through the roof.

Much of this fault lies with the actor behind Thor's character, Cris Hemswoth, known not only for his performing arts but also for his muscles. As well, Good old Cris has an Android app called Centr that not only serves to have a body sculpted by the gods, but has also been awarded as one of the best apps of the year according to Google itself.

Regardless of our age, gender or physical condition, Centr will help us as a personal trainer to achieve all our goals thanks to the personal trainers that the app has Among which is included, how could it be otherwise, Chris Hemsworth himself.

Centr will provide us with a detailed training plan as well as routines, diets and advice To improve our lifestyle, all of this accompanied by a very careful interface that makes the app really easy to use.

A greater abundance, Centr is continually updated adding new training plans so without a doubt we are facing one of the best training apps. And be careful, not only we say it but also Google itself.