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Can Xiaomi replace Huawei? 2 keys to achieve this in 2021

2021 could be the year that Xiaomi even surpasses Huawei

Before Donald Trump's veto affected Huawei, the Chinese company was one of the most popular brands at the time. Both Huawei and Honor enjoyed very good health among the western public and their ceiling seemed to have no end, even endangering the throne of the South Korean Samsung.

However, we all know the story. The United States clipped the wings of the Chinese and banned Google from approaching them. The result until today? Spectacular phones but without Google services, which makes them unattractive to consumers who are not very tech savvy.

However, there is another firm that seems to have taken over from Huawei. A brand that started with cheap terminals with good features and that has become one of the firms with the best value for money, to the point that even this year 2020 it has dared to launch a phone of more than 1,000 euros.

We talk about Xiaomi, The call to be the replacement for Huawei? What should I do to get it?

Continue betting on high-end terminals

Xiaomi Mi 10

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is one of the most powerful phones of the firm

Xiaomi is one of the best brands in terms of value for money on the market, especially with regard to affordable terminals. This has caused the brand to be “pigeonholed” in this segment and that when spending 600 euros or more on a smartphone, many think that it is better to bet on other brands such as Samsung, OnePlus or Apple.

However and as it is well said, "Rome was not built in a day" and if Xiaomi wants to be as strong in the high range as it is in the mid or low range, You must continue to insist with your top-of-the-range terminals even if it is not really simple.

We are not talking about launching 1,000 euro phones without rhyme or reason, but terminals that can compete with the best of each company in terms of design, materials and specifications. To do this, Xiaomi will have to add to its premium phones features such as water resistance, better screen technology and above all, a design and construction materials that make its terminals unique.

Taking off the cheap brand slab is not easy so Xiaomi must be patient. Users are still related to Chinese terminals as cheap but if firms like OnePlus have managed to get fully into the high range, the Xiaomi thing is only a matter of time. Not surprisingly, it is now the third most important firm in the world, having even surpassed a giant like Apple from Cupertino.

Don't forget what has made you great

Redmi K30 Pro Zoom, cameras

Redmi phones are a favorite of consumers around the world

In addition to wanting to expand by conquering new markets such as premium devices, there is something quite important and that Xiaomi cannot forget if what it wants is to establish itself and remain as a large firm such as Huawei pre-veto Donald Trump: its roots.

And is that if Xiaomi is today such an important firm in the world market it is thanks to the millions of users who have opted for it and for their cheap phones but with great benefits.

Xiaomi is surely the main culprit that the "Made in China" is no longer scary among consumers and this is something that should not be forgotten. As much as you want to continue betting on the premium range, must not forget the low and mid rangeYou should not forget that you are the queen in this market and that of course you are no longer alone because of firms like Realme that are making you fierce competition.

In short, Xiaomi has an exciting future especially after the sad fall that Huawei has suffered outside of China. In many western countries, Huawei has ceased to be a benchmark brand due to the absence of Google services and the situation has to change a lot to regain consumer confidence.

For all this, Xiaomi has been one of the beneficiaries of this situation, so if you want to maintain third place or even exceed it, you must put all the meat on the grill. 2021 is the right year for it. To launch inexpensive phones with new technologies with 5G and to finally present a high-end device that competes with you with the greats in the market.

Will 2021 be the final year of Xiaomi? We will have to wait.