CallLog Smart Manager, an app with which you can modify the mobile call log as you wish

Every time you call, get called or receive a missed call, it remains logged in call log of the mobile, accessible from the phone application. Generally, you can delete calls from the log from the phone app, but the Call Log Editor app goes one step further.

With this app, you can make and restore call log backup, edit call log, and one step further: create fake calls to include in the call log

An editor for the call log

If you have ever needed to eliminate the trace of having called or being called on your mobile, it is as easy as going to the phone application and making a long press. If you need more complete call log management, probably the best application in this regard is CallLog Smart Manager, which is also free.

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For starters, the app can create a backup of your call log, which is saved as a JSON file. Later, you can recover this backup on this or another mobile (if you copy the file).

However, the most interesting function is in the possibility of edit call log. From here, you can modify entries that are already in the call log, modifying the contact or number, the day and time, the duration or whether it was an incoming, outgoing or missed call.


As if this were not enough, you can set up your own alternate universe, adding fake calls in the call log. To do this, you can enter a phone number or choose from your contacts, as well as the time it happened and the duration.

After doing so, the entry is saved in the mobile storage, so that will appear in any application that consults the call log, including the phone app. Remember, yes, that this call log is simply the one saved by the mobile, and the real log is kept by your operator.

Call Log Editor - Backup your call histories

Call Log Editor - Backup your call histories