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Bliss OS, the Android project for PC, adds ARM64 emulation and Magisk support

The dream of take Android from mobile to PC it's still very much alive, especially after rumors that Microsoft would be working on it. Some projects, like Remix OS, fell by the wayside, but others are still going strong, like Android X86 or Bliss OS, which has just announced important news.

Bliss OS is an open source version of Android with optimizations and additions to improve its use on a PC, compatible with almost any moderately recent PC and tablet and that in the latest version includes ARM64 emulation and Magisk support, in addition to already working on the future version based on Android 11.

ARM64 emulation for better compatibility


The Bliss development team has announced the new versions 11.12 and 11.13, the main improvement being the inclusion of ARM64 emulation, borrowed from the emulation layer that Chrome OS uses to run Android ARM apps on Chromebooks.

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So far, Bliss OS 11.x, based on Android 9, included ARM emulation but not ARM64, while the most recent version of the operating system, Bliss OS 12.x, based on Android 10, does not include any type of emulation at the moment.

This emulation allows you to run applications and games compiled for this architecture, thus increasing compatibility with more applications and games. Thus, this version is capable of running Genshin Impact, Among Us, PUBG Mobile and other recent games.

This is not the only novelty of the latest Bliss OS builds, which includes a new custom recovery mode With which you can change the Linux kernel and the Mesa 3D graphics library on the fly in case you have compatibility problems, as well as the support for Magisk.

Blissosz Another new feature of Bliss OS: Magisk support

That is, you can install the version of Magisk for Android 9 to gain root access and install modules with which to make all kinds of modifications to the system or behavior in some applications.

You can download the latest version of Bliss OS from its website, completing the wizard that guides you to choose which version. The news comes to the version of Bliss OS based on Android Pie for now, while work continues on Bliss OS 14, based on Android 11 and that we have confirmed that It will arrive soon".

Via | XDA