MIUI 12.5 begins to reach 6 other Xiaomi phones

bearded woman, heart on fire and more

The December 'Feature Drop' update for mobile Pixel brings a surprise that had not been announced by Google: the 217 new emojis which are added to the 117 new emojis that arrived with Android 11 last September.

These new emojis They were expected in early 2021, but Google has taken advantage of the December update to add them. These are the 217 emojis that the Unicode consortium presented a few months ago with the Emoji 13.1 version.

So are the 217 new emojis for Android

New Pixel Emoji

Of the 217 new emojis that just arrived on Android, really five are new designs. Now we have the wounded heart, exhaling face, heart on fire, face between clouds Y dizzy face (with spiral eyes).

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The remaining 202 new emojis are new combinations of sex, gender and skin tone for the emojis of couples in love and the man with a beard. That means that in addition to multiracial couples now we also have the bearded woman, with its gender neutral variant.

New Pixel Emoji

These new emojis will begin to reach the rest of mobiles with Android 11 when they receive their security patches during the next weeks or months. For now, updating the emojis requires a system update, which could change in the next major Android update.

Via | AP