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available the list with your favorite songs

As it usually does every year, Spotify has prepared the personalized list with the most played during 2020. Although this time it comes with surprise since the platform has created a commemorative Story with musical information, listening data and even questions.

Are you one of those who regularly use Spotify to listen to music? Then surely the platform will have accompanied you throughout 2020, because what a year we would have had if it had not been for that music capable of cheering us up, making us smile and, why not, also for all the songs we have heard in company even from a distance. So you are already taking time: hit 'play' in the most listened to 2020, it is already available on your Spotify.

Playlist and Story with the most listened to 2020

Spotify 2020 Summary Story with the most listened to during 2020

A few days ago we echoed the Stories on Spotify, the phenomenon that began on Snapchat and has been copied by most applications. Well, the new 'top' of the most listened to in Spotify comes from the hand of a Story with a multitude of data related to reproductions throughout the year. It is clear that we are not going to escape the Stories on the platform.

Who is winning the music streaming war

'What have you been listening to in 2020?', this is the title of the Story in question. Currently anchored to the Spotify Home, through the Story the platform tells each user how their year has been in terms of songs, artists, genres and even decades, all by priority around the number of times the content passed through it. player.

Spotify 2020 Summary

Which were the most listened to songs, which artists were played the most times, which were the genres that attracted the most attention, the number of artists discovered, which decade prevailed over the others ... And even a small contest, all in the form of a Story: Spotify has achieved its own content as attractive as it is original. Although yes, you have to play the Story from the beginning to the end to add the playlist with the most listened to 2020 to the library. Y cannot advance within the Story itself.

The 2020 most listened to playlist can be added to the library from Spotify's Story

You don't want to see the whole Story to access the playlist? No problem: click on this link and you will access your top 2020 on Spotify. In addition, you will have access to the hits that you missed and to the 'tops' with the most listened to worldwide and in your country.