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Antimalware for Chrome on Windows powered by ESET technology

Being Chrome the most used browser and Windows 10 the operating system with the most users in the world, it is expected that they will be the most common targets of all types of malicious and unwanted software.

That is why for some time the people of Google integrated its own antimalware tool into Chrome, the so-called Google Chrome Cleanup, one developed by the folks at ESET, the same security company behind the famous NOD32 antivirus.

A miniantivirus inside Chrome

Google Chrome Cleanup

ESET has just renewed its agreement with Google to continue providing the browser with its own antimalware tool, one that is part of Chrome's safe browsing features, and that runs periodically in the background.

Chrome uses ESET technology to alert users to potentially harmful or unwanted programs that are hiding in the browser (eg hidden in a legitimate application), and if it detects something, it offers users the option to remove that program.

How to activate the useful new automatic tab grouping in Google Chrome

However, also It is possible to run the computer cleaning function from Chrome manually. You just have to write chrome://settings/cleanup in the address bar and press Enter. There you will find a button to search and find harmful software on your computer and remove it.

It is something you can do if Chrome is giving you problems or you suspect that you have downloaded or installed some unwanted program in Windows. If the browser finds something, it will offer you the option to delete it and will notify you once it has done so.