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Android TV renews its Play Store like Google TV

After the redesign of the Android TV interface with the appearance of the latest Chromecast, Google has also renewed the application store: Android TV Play Store offers larger cards, app preview and a much more graphic design. Now available on compatible TVs and players.

The Chromecast with Google TV is the company's big bet on multimedia content at home: beyond being a support to send content to from the phone, Google has adapted its use to provide 'Smart TV' capabilities to any television. This functionality is not only imposed with the hardware, but also with the software; that has been renewed in aesthetics. Not just the interface: the app store has recently adopted the Google TV look.

Interface that does not break with the style of Google TV

Google Play Store Android Tv

The latest update of the Google Play Store on Android TV is now available for most devices with this system: the new version is installed automatically to offer a much more modern look. As we said before, the renewed interface of the store offers continuity with the aesthetics of Google TV. The jump between both spaces is so minimal that it does not give the impression that the store is being navigated.

How to install the new Google TV interface on an Android TV

Google has adapted the application grid to offer a cover with much larger cards. In the upper area of ​​said cover appear the apps that stand out from the rest; offering a preview that plays in the background of the screen.

The tab of each application presents the description in the foreground with a very large 'Install' button. Screenshots are large and allow full preview by clicking on each photo. And the store offers similar recommendations to complete the range of possibilities available to the user.

Google Play Store Android Tv

At the bottom of the front page the store offers all the available categories with a application grid that is displayed as a launcher. All you have to do is access any of these apps so that the installation does not take more than a few seconds.

Google Play Store Android Tv

The new design of the Android TV app store is now available, as we said: Google has been updating all the players and TVs with version It is an aesthetic change that does not include new functionalities.

Via | Smartdroid.de