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Android 11 is the version that has reached the fastest mobile phones, narrowly surpassing the Android 10 record

Several Google initiatives in recent years have sought to speed up operating system updates, such as system updates on Google Play, although few with as much depth as Project Treble, a Android architecture change which simplifies the process of preparing the new version of Android for manufacturers.

The fallout from Treble continues to be felt, and in addition to the news that Google and Qualcomm will offer four years of updates starting next year, we know that Android 11 had the fastest deployment to date, beating the previous record held by Android 10.

New record in deployment, albeit narrowly


Project Treble began to change the architecture of the Android system from Android Oreo, although not all terminals that were already launched with Oreo incorporated it. Since then, all the Android versions that have happened have broken records in the speed in which they have reached users.

Always based on the word of Google, which has control of the data - Android Pie deployed twice as fast as Oreo and in Android 10 the increase was 1.5X. Until now, Google had waited 300 days from launch to exclaim "victory", although with Android 11 it has not waited that long: the graph reaches 60 days after deployment. In it, we can see that Android 11 came slightly faster to more terminals than Android 10, although there are not as many differences as in previous cases.


Of course, the graph tells us about millions of active users and no of percentagesSo it has some trick because the number of total Android phones varies from year to year. Google comments that this year there were 667 million active users with Android 10 when Android 11 was launched, but we do not have the data for the previous years.

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Since Google no longer shares Android version distribution data, neither on its website nor in Android Studio -where they have not been updated since June- we have to confirm with the crumbs of information that Google throws us about it.

In the graph we can see that, indeed, Android 11 was installed before in a greater number of devices, although at the moment it does not tell us much more. We will wait Let's see if Google gives us more information about it when 300 days have passed since the launch, as on previous occasions.

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Photo | Modified from Dave Hogg