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Android 11 comes to the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra with stable One UI 3.0

Before the arrival of the last Note, the Samsung Galaxy S20 were the most powerful phones in the Korean manufacturer's catalog. As expected, landed with Android 10 on board under OneUI 2.1 and it was pending that, once Android 11 was released, they made the jump to the new version, updating their layer in turn.

Everything started with the beta version, originally tested in Korea and later internationally, and it seems that the final version has finally been released. The Samsung Galaxy S20 are finally updated to Android 11 and with the latest iteration of its proprietary layer: OneUI 3.0 also arrives.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra jump to Android 11


The entire family of Samsung's Galaxy S20, in the absence of the last to arrive, the Galaxy S20 FE, make the leap to Android 11 officially with the latest update released by the South Korean manufacturer. The update was scheduled to be released during the month of December and it seems that we do not have to wait any longer, it is already among us.

One UI 3, all the news that come to the Samsung Galaxy with the update to Android 11

Of course, for the moment the deployment has been hunted in the United States although since its release has occurred internationally, it may be a matter of hours or days that it is available also in our country or in other territories. We summarize the main changes that will affect both the OneUI layer and the operating system itself.

Changes in OneUI:

  • Changes to the home screen

  • More categories in dynamic lock screen

  • Improved widgets for Always-on Display

  • Accessibility improvements

  • More TVs compatible with wireless DeX

  • Browser improvements

  • Now you can edit multiple linked contacts at once

  • The calendar is redesigned

  • Enhanced Camera Features

  • Bixby is more powerful

As for Android 11, we have commented on the changes on Android 10 on several occasions and here is a dedicated article explaining everything that the system incorporates as a novelty. As we have said, it may be a matter of time before the update is available. This is a heavy upgrade so We recommend downloading it over a WiFi network.

Via | The Free Android