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Amazon Prime Video launches Group Video to view content in groups and chat with up to 100 people: this is how you can use it

Amazon just introduced a new Prime Video feature to chat with friends while watching content on the platform, its name is Group Video and it is designed for the desktop application from the browser.

If you are already a Prime customer, you do not have to do anything additional, the new Group Video feature will automatically appear as an option in the playback of series, movies and other Prime Video content without any additional cost.

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Amazon Prime Group Video

Now when you choose any content on primevideo.com you will see a new "Group Video" button along with other options such as Share and Comments. Clicking on it takes you to a new window in which you must write the username you want to chat with.

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In addition, a link is generated that you can share with up to 99 other people so that they can enter the chat and see the playback simultaneously. The person who creates the Group Video will be the one who controls the video, but each participant can control their own audio and subtitle settings.

Prime Video Group Video

All participants must be Amazon Prime members

Although these types of functions are not a novelty and other platforms, such as Disney + offer group viewing, Prime Video takes it a little further by also offering a chat. Perhaps this is why they have not implemented the function (at least for now) in their applications for Smart TV, or the Fire TV themselves.

For more popular services like Netflix itself there is only third party solutions in the form of extensions that work quite well. It would be great if we saw this Prime Video initiative on other platforms as well.