Amazon could launch a new basic Kindle before the end of the year

Amazon could be preparing the launch of a new basic model of Kindle.

The Amazon Kindle It is one of those devices that does not stop giving joy, both to its users and to Amazon itself, which sees it as one more tool to enlarge the immense user base of its services.

And although it is a terminal that in general terms little or nothing can improve, it seems that Jeff Bezos' company could launch a renewal of the most basic model in the coming days.

A cheap new Kindle for Christmas?

Amazon Kindle

A cheap new Amazon Kindle?

According to the website specialized in electronic books Good E-Reader, Amazon would have everything ready for the launch of a new cheap Kindle, possibly lowering the current base price, which is usually located in the 89.99 euros, although this Black Friday could be acquired in a limited way by a little less than 70 euros.

Apparently, Amazon has updated its Kindle product page with a new product description, adding the “10th generation” tag to the current model, a fact that would give away the Amazon's willingness to introduce a new model differentiated from your 2019 Kindle.

At the moment this does not stop being a rumor so it will touch wait to find out if this Christmas a new Kindle comes down the chimney or not. We will continue to inform!