All the services and apps that Google “killed” in 2020

Google has finished with more than a dozen projects this 2020.

We are not going to deny that Google apps and services are very useful tools and that for many users they are essential in your day to day.

To give several examples we have Gmail, Google Search, Google Maps and many others. However in the company of the great G not everything is success and it is that throughout its history there are not a few services that have been closing well due to their lack of success or simply because they stopped being profitable for Google.

We all know the cases of Inbox or Google+ or to say some acquaintances, but they are not the only ones. What services and apps has Google closed this 2020? We already warn that they are not exactly few.

All the services and apps that Google has killed in 2020

  • Science journal
  • Trusted Contacts
  • Google Play Music
  • Nest Secure
  • Hire by Google
  • Password Checkup
  • Focals by North
  • Google Photos Print
  • Pigeon Transit
  • Shoelace
  • Neighborly
  • Google Station
  • One Today
  • Androidify

Science journal

On December 11 this service will close. With four years of life, Science Journal is –was– an app that allowed science experiments, many of them taking advantage of the smartphone's sensors.

Trusted Contact

Presented in 2016 and terminated on December 1, 2020, Trusted Contact allowed users to share your location with other selected contacts. Useful? Not much the truth.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Google Play Music: we will always remember you

Possibly the most popular app on this list as it has been with us since 2011. Google Play Music will shut down in favor of YouTube Music although it will allow all its users to migrate their library, playlist and any other configuration to the new music service.

Nest Secure

Born in 2017, Nest Secure was a home security system. The service closed last October 2020 with 3 years of age, more than the average of other services of the great G.

Hire by Google

Hire by Google was a job-finding service that also allowed small and medium-sized companies to find workers and keep track of CVs. Saw its end last September.

Password Checkup

Password Checkup was a Google Chrome extension that warned users that the username and password they used on certain web pages had been leaked. Now it doesn't even make sense because this extension has been integrated directly into the browser itself.

Focals by North

The Google thing and smart glasses it seems that it will never come to fruition and this collaboration with North was not going to be the exception.

Google photos Print

Cemetery Google products

Google has closed many services this 2020

Google Photos Print was a service that printed up to 10 photos from our gallery and then sent them to our homes. Having printers at home this service was doomed to failure and is that it only lasted five months.

Pigeon Transit

No one will miss this service as it was simply used to track people's movements. As there is a pandemic and people cannot move from their homes, this service was useless.


Again another experimental service. Shoelace was an app to find groups with the same tastes and preferences as ours and who the pandemic forced it to close early despite its moderate success.


Launched in 2018 in India, this app made it possible to discover places and services through the experience of other users. The app was not successful and Google preferred to shelve it and focus its efforts on other more popular services like Google Maps.

Google Station

India is a really important market. Hence, Google wanted to offer free Wi-Fi in more than 400 train stations in the country as well as 5,000 other public places. Such infrastructure had great costs and in the end it had to be closed for not being profitable.

One Today

One of the veteran apps. One Today was launched in 2013 and it was an app that allowed its users to donate quickly and easily to different NGOs and similar associations.


With almost nine years behind it, Androidify came to an end last February. This app allowed its users to create custom Android avatars being able to choose skin tones, clothes, accessories and much more.