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Airbnb goes public valued at 47.3 billion dollars and substantially increases the price of the IPO

$ 68 per share, that's the price Airbnb has set for its initial public offering, as per The Wall Street Journal. A figure that represents a substantial increase in the previous target range that was already increased during this week as a harbinger of the expected good reception.

The company that disrupted the tourist accommodation market announced its IPO in the middle of this year despite the situation derived from the pandemic and the market downturn around travel and tourism. The output seemed like a way to cope with the crisis, face the operations of the platforms and finance its expansion plans while the crisis subsides.

Earlier in the month, the platform set a target range of US $ 44-50 per share

From 18,000 million to 47,300

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The increase in the price per share means that Airbnb is listed on the Nasdaq with about 3.4 billion dollars and that its valuation scales up to 47,300 million.

Initially, earlier in the month, the platform set a target range of US $ 44-50 per share. From there it went to the range of between 56 and 60 dollars, which would also have been exceeded when reaching these 68 dollars.

Airbnb was valued at $ 18 billion in April; now its valuation scales up to 47.3 billion

The current value of the company represents an increase of 40% compared to what it had at the beginning of the second quarter of the year, at the height of the first wave of the pandemic, when Airbnb's valuation stood at $ 18 billion.

The third quarter was better for the company than achieved a net profit of 219 million despite the health and economic crisis which then began to loosen after leaving behind the first stake of the disease.