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Adobe Flash Death Sentence Releasing Latest Update It Will Receive

The end of Flash has been a slow agony that never seemed to come, but it is here. Adobe has released the latest scheduled update for Adobe Flash Plugin, as they have told in the update notes of December 8. In mainland China, Flash can receive any more updates, since the improvements come through a different channel than the rest of the world.

Adobe has stated that they are "proud that Flash has played a crucial role in the evolution of web content through animation, interactivity, audio and video", and that relevance is true that Flash has never lacked, at least until HTML5 began to be imposed on websites as visited as YouTube (and on pornography).

Definitive support ends on December 31

Flash dead, but happy

Adobe will stop supporting Flash on December 31, while we eat the grapes. The news is very important in itself, as Flash has been infested with bugs and security problems since time immemorial. Therefore, beyond terminating the service, Adobe will block Flash content in Flash Player as of January 12, 2021. The company in fact recommends that the application and plug-in be uninstalled immediately.

A large part of the history of computing cannot be understood without Flash.

It is something that browsers have aligned with. In the case of Mozilla, when Firefox 85 is released, the browser will no longer have Flash support, and there will no longer be the ability to enable the plugin. Content will also stop loading the day Adobe blocks it, January 12, 2021. In Chrome, since version 76, it is disabled.

How to save a Flash game on your hard drive to continue playing it when it is no longer compatible with your browser

Microsoft, for its part, you have already removed support for Windows 10 with an optional upgrade, which perfectly explains that the industry has assumed there is no going back. Adobe has sentenced Flash to death, but probably the first time it was done out more than 10 years ago, when Steve Jobs wrote a tough letter against it.

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