Clubhouse officially lands on Android

a security-focused calendar

One of the most popular email apps is Proton Calendar, a solution focused mainly on the security of its users. From the creators Proton Mail comes Proton Calendar, after landing in December last year on the computer.

Proton Calendar promises to offer the same security as the calendar app, with end-to-end encryption and support for Proton Drive, Proton's encrypted cloud storage service.

An encrypted calendar service


The main objective of Proton apps is to safeguard user privacy. In the case of Proton Calendar, the locations, titles, participants and descriptions of everything that is entered in the app are encrypted. It is promised that information remains encrypted when stored on their servers.

Proton Calendar promises the same security as in its mail application, but requires a payment plan

Proton Mail allows synchronization with our calendar events from other compatible apps, but requires a ProtonMail account attached to a subscription. That is to say, the beta is only available to those users who already paid for the mail or the ProtonVPN service.

ProtonMail: the company that wants to bring encryption to the mail for the masses against "old man" PGP

At the moment, the app is only available for Android, but promise it's in development for iOS. According to the company, they wanted the Android app to be available as soon as possible, so they have not waited for the two lists.

Proton Calendar

Proton Calendar