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A million-dollar lawsuit against PornHub by 40 victims of sexual exploitation now also calls into question its 'verified content'

The soap opera around PornHub does not stop: After the American press uncovered cases of corruption of minors behind numerous videos of the world's most popular pornographic platform, it announced three days ago the deletion of approximately 10 million videos, all 'unverified content' hosted by the platform.

They announced then that, from that moment on, they would only house reliable content provided by your 'content partners', and they played the card of being persecuted by the same conservative forces that had previously "demonized Playboy, sex education or LGTBQ rights."

However, this move has not satisfied online payment giants such as Visa and Mastercard, which until now offered their payment gateways as a means of paying for 'premium' Pornhub accounts. Thus, they decided to cease the service, and the portal now depends on cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Girls Do Porn's plot also splashes into MindGeek's porn empire

And now a new reason arises for distrust the reliability of PornHub's 'content partners', after 40 victims of a sexual exploitation ring have sued for $ 40 million (one million per victim) to MindGeek, the company that owns the portal, for hosting videos generated by a sexual exploitation network.

MindGeek, the porn empire that wants to go unnoticed but controls the most famous adult websites on the planet

The 'Girls Do Porn' website was shut down in 2019 by the FBI after a court ruled that its owners were guilty of forcing women to have sex on camera, as well as having lied about the fate of the recordings.

The lawsuit argues that Girls Do Porn's resort to coercion and scam was an open secret in the porn industry from shortly after its inception and that, even though MindGeek wouldn't have known it then, it did as of 2016, when the now plaintiffs began to contact the company to remove the videos.

"Despite this knowledge, MindGeek continued to partner with Girls Do Porn, not bothering to investigate their business partner despite evidence from [la acusación de] sex trafficking he received. "

The lawsuit also attaches those communications from the victims that fell on deaf ears for the company, in which they argue that the distributors assured them that the videos would only reach "private viewers" or "DVDs abroad." Some even threatened to commit suicide if PornHub didn't remove the videos soon.

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But 'Girls Do Porn' wasn't just a website that I posted on PornHub: it was a 'content partner' that he had a contractual agreement with the portal that was in force between 2011 and the year of its dismantling at the hands of the FBI.

In fact, at some point, 'Girls Do Porn' came to be described by PornHub as "top-notch content." In any case, the portal refused to remove the videos even as the case made headlines in 2019 and, according to the complaint, as of December 12 of this year, it still housed videos of the applicants.

The problem is that the alleged bad practices of MindGeek may not be limited to what we know about PornHub, since it is one of the great empires of 'porn' on the Internet, also owner of other very popular sites such as XVideos, YouPorn or RedTube , which in turn house millions of videos and images.

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