Samsung's new cheap mobile drops to 179 euros

A leak suggests that the vivo X60 would come with two screen variants

The Chinese firm would surprise with a launch never seen to date.

Europe is a territory where alive wants to leave its impact. The Chinese firm landed in style with new offices in Germany and a declaration of intent with a great flagship such as the vivo X51.

In the next few days it is expected that the company of another big punch on the table with the release of his vivo X60, a terminal that has been kept almost in absolute secrecy although, obviously, not it could escape the clutches of the leaks completely.

Two screen models for the same mobile

vivo x60 two different screens

The supposed variation of screens on the standard vivo X60. Via DigitalChatStation.

The popular informant Digital Chat Station (who else) hinted in a post on Weibo that the standard version of the vivo X60 would have two different screens, a straight and a curve. This would cause slight modifications regarding the battery: for the model with curved screen the capacity would be 4,300 mAh, for the 4,200 mAh of the phone with the curved panel.

The rest of the characteristics of both terminals would be the same and it remains to be seen if the price would be affected. For now, the informant speaks of "similar prices" so it can be assumed that one will be significantly higher than the other, but we do not know which one.

If this surprising news is confirmed, alive would be the first manufacturer to launch the exact same mobile but with different panels. It may be that the company considers that a large part of its audience prefers a flat screen and another the curve, and has not been able to decide on one in particular to avoid losing followers.

What we know so far about the vivo X60

As we have commented at the beginning of the post, not much information has come to light about the new series of mid-range phones from vivo. From what little we have been able to get clear is a video published on December 17. In it he fully reveals the terminal layout thanks to which we can know a little more.

For example, that the vivo X60 equips a rectangular rear module for its four cameras. Also that its power and volume buttons are located on the right side of the terminal, and that the selfie camera is located in a small hole in the upper center of the screen.

Also, the images let us see the UBS-C port, the input for the SIM card and the absence of the connectivity for 3.5 mm jack headphones.