a hilarious puzzle game that will blow your mind

We are going to talk about a fun game for Android that is reaping great successes in the Google Play Store. With more than 100,000 downloads, a 4.4 star rating and, beware, a weight of only 13 megabytes, this puzzle game will make you have fun and frustrate you at the same time (don't worry, when you pass the level, your anger will go away).

Pure logic and reasoning in a game that will test us level after level, although we can adjust the difficulty if things start to get ugly. We are going to tell you how it works and why it is so successful.

Puzzles for all levels and ages

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Logic Like is a proposal that has been sweeping the Play Store in recent days. It is a game that brings together several puzzles that we must solve using logic. We can gradually graduate the difficulty level by level, in case a puzzle gets stuck, lower the bar to keep moving forward.

The game, even in the novice mode, can be quite challenging. We will need patience and logic to solve all the problems

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However, even with the low difficulty, it is a game that constantly challenges us. One of its strengths is that we can adapt these puzzles according to ageTherefore, both children, as well as the youngest, as well as adults, will be able to enjoy personalized levels adapted to their condition.

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Similarly, we can tell the game if we want to play just to pass the time or to improve our logical thinking, which will also affect the difficulty. If things get complicated for us, we can get clues in exchange for coins, which are obtained when we advance in level.

Logic Like

Logic Like