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a fun app to assemble 'LEGO' figures from your mobile

The LEGO phenomenon has been around for a few years. Children and adults enjoy the construction of figures using blocks, and there are many copies that have been coming out in all these years.

One of the games that is sweeping the Play Store the most is Construction Set, a game that allows us to recreate that Lego experience from the phone, without leaving home. We are going to tell you how to play and what are the keys to its success.

Construction Set: the 'LEGO' experience in your home

Construction Set

Construction Set is a game that accumulates more than a million downloads, has a score of 4.4 stars in the Google Play store and, although it is in version 1.1.5, it is quite mature. We can also download it on iOS, and it is completely free with ads.

They give us a certain number of pieces and we have to put the pieces in their correct order to assemble the piece

This game gives us a series of pieces with which we have to build elements. It is quite reminiscent of when we open a LEGO box and we have the pieces in front of us. We have to choose the pieces to build what we want.

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As we progress through the levels, things get more and more complicated. With more and more parts to assemble. As we anticipate, the game is free but it has advertising that appears when we complete the levels.

Construction Set

Construction Set