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6 new features of this year's Spotify Wrapped

I really started the race to get there before anyone else with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 888, and Motorola picks up the glove by announcing a new Moto G with flagship specs.

The Spotify Wrapped 2020 has become one of the topics of the moment: one more year, Spotify gives us the opportunity to meet the artists with whom we have spent the most time over the past year, and the songs that have sounded the most throughout the last few months.

But this year, Spotify has gone even further, incorporating a series of new functions available in the 2020 Wrapped, which have never been featured in this annual roundup of musical tastes before.

Sporify Wrapped 2020

Spotify Wrapped 2020 lets you know what you've listened to the most this year.

"Quizzes", emphasis on podcasts and more news from Spotify Wrapped 2020

The news has been announced by Spotify itself on its official news blog. In the publication, they explain that the personalized experience available both in their apps for iOS and Android and in their web version has already become a whole tradition for its users, thanks to its idea of ​​extracting data to generate a personalized experience individual for each of the millions of people who use the platform.

In that sense, they indicate that this year they have wanted to take this experience further through a number of new features.

  1. New quizzes that allow you to test your skills when it comes to predicting the podcasts or artists that you have played the most.
  2. Option to follow your 2020 title song story, to see your journey throughout the year, from its first play to its 100th, and all plays in between.
  3. More on playing podcasts, complemented by the amount of minutes users have spent listening to podcasts, and the most addictive podcasts of the year.
  4. Premium users They can access new badges that crown listeners with various titles based on the way they listen. For example, if several of your playlists have gained significant new followers, you will be a trendsetter. If you heard a song before it was great (50,000 plays), you will earn the Pioneer badge. And depending on the number of songs you added to the playlists this year, you may become a collector.
  5. Custom Playlists that will help you make the most of what you heard this year. They range from “Your Top Songs,” the songs you liked the most this year in one convenient location, to “Missed Hits,” our wrapped discovery playlist where we recommend similar popular 2020 releases that you didn't listen to and that we think you might enjoy. like.
  6. Trends for non-subscribers that allow people around the world who do not have a Spotify account, see the global trends of those who are users: most listened to artist, most played podcasts and more.

All these functions are available on the official website of Spotify Wrapped 2020. However, if you have the Spotify app on your mobile, you will see a card on the initial screen from which you can access your own custom annual summary.