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5 things to keep in mind about messages that disappear from WhatsApp

The automatically deleted WhatsApp messages are quite useful, but do you really know how they work?

It is the most popular messaging app in the world, but is it the best? Surely not since there are many better alternatives than WhatsApp but we are not going to deny it, works really well and that for many users is more than enough.

Despite its popularity, updates are not really frequent on WhatsApp. While the news that is added is really useful, the truth is that many of them are already in the competition.

One of the latest news to arrive are the messages that disappear automatically or what is the same, an option that automatically deletes our conversations after a week. And when we say that they are eliminated, it is that they are completely erased, without leaving any trace.

Now, this option has its peculiarities so before activating it in all your conversations it is necessary that you really understand how this interesting and useful (sometimes) option works.

What you should know about messages that are automatically deleted from WhatsApp

Use the same WhatsApp on two phones

WhatsApp's new feature can be really useful, but do you really know how it works?

Activating this option in WhatsApp is really simple. You only have to access the conversation of a contact or a group, click on the information in this chat and activate the option "Temporary messages" which is disabled by default. This way, when seven days pass all messages from conversations in which we have this option activated will disappear, including images and documents. All this without leaving any trace, not even the message "X has deleted the message" that appears when we delete a message from a conversation.

This option can obviously be really useful to not only fill our WhatsApp history with inconsequential conversations but also to eliminate memory, suitable for users who have low-end phones or with little memory.


Despite there being better alternatives, WhatsApp is the leading messaging app

However, we need to know how this option works. Ok, we know that it is used so that messages are automatically deleted after 7 days but There are a few aspects to take into account if we do not want to take some other unpleasant surprise.

  • Firstly, if the recipient of our messages does not open the chat within seven days, you will be able to read the deleted messages in the notifications of the smartphone since these are not deleted.
  • The same happens if the recipient replies directly to our messages or forwards them to other conversations, these are not erased either.
  • If chats are backed up and then uploaded, messages that were once deleted will reappear.
  • This WhatsApp option does not prevent our recipients can take screenshots of our conversations and save them.
  • If our recipient downloads the photos or documents from the chat to their phone, these will not be removed from the smartphone memory even if they disappear from the conversation.

Therefore, before activating this option it is important to know how it works one hundred percent. If you really don't want to leave any trace of your conversations, It is better that you do not write anything that you may regret in the future.