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5 sensible reasons to discontinue the Samsung Galaxy Note… And the ones that don't!

Yes, no ... We have already heard everything about the Galaxy Note family, but what reasons would Samsung have to discontinue them? And which ones to keep them?

I have been a user of each and every one of the Galaxy Note since its birth, and perhaps that is why some of you will think that my opinion about the once called phablets by Samsung it could be biased. However, this long experience and its evolution over time has allowed me know the Galaxy Note very well and decipher that, indeed, Samsung's traditionally high-performing family is not what it used to be in terms of cutting edge technology.

It will be necessary to see what destiny the Galaxy Note have in an uncertain future for them, because for now the only certain thing is that the debate is on the table as he has been doing several courses, but never so much on everyone's lips and with so many arguments that even Samsung itself has been in charge of stoking based on contradictory announcements around the renewal of the family, internally speculating on whether or not there will be a new Galaxy Note in 2021 that it seems that it will finally happen after all.

Samsung's roll-up mobile, in its first recreation

What if there were compelling reasons for Samsung to effectively abandon the Galaxy Note? If not?

Still, there are no clear expectations about what is the future of the Galaxy Note, especially if the rest of Galaxy phones can now use the S-Pen as it seems, eliminating its most distinctive aspect at a stroke compared to the rest of the market.

But it is not only that, and it is that for me the worst news for the family 'Note' is that his career as a technological spearhead for the Galaxy catalog is over now that folding and the Galaxy Z Fold2 are among us to show us where the shots of the future of this industry are going So volatile and fleeting

And is that it's only been 9 years, with ten models always loaded with the best technology that the market offered at the time, and crowned by this unbeatable Galaxy Note20 Ultra which, however, despite being the best Galaxy Note in history, in my case has yielded its ground to that Galaxy Z Fold2 that meets my expectations of early bird...

So do the Galaxy Note make sense if they no longer convince even the historical fans of the range? Well, let's analyze it from both points of view, and then see what you think of it in the comments!

Should Samsung abandon the Galaxy Note?

Well maybe it's time for the Galaxy Note to make way or adapt to the new times, with another role within the Samsung catalog and offering new possibilities that have now gone to the Galaxy Z family ... But why do I say this?

1. Right now, the Galaxy Note are too similar to the Galaxy S

This is the first objective reason, and the one that has the most weight for me. The Galaxy S have always been the most representative Samsung phones and almost by extension of the Android platform, and there was a time when their sizes were different and the differentiation with the Galaxy Note, more performance, with S-Pen and always at the end of the year in stores, I was much older.

Nobody is aware that the endless growth in the size of smartphones has loaded that range phablet eliminating the line that separated them, and today The Galaxy Note practically does not differ from the Galaxy S other than in concept, with a less curved panel and stylus, and in additional software.

Therefore, it is not worth it for Galaxy S users to have to give up the S-Pen, and it is not worth it either. competing two similar families by cannibalizing sales for the simple fact of having the stylus.

2. Nobody needs the S-Pen and hardly anyone uses it

I was one of those very used to having the pencil, and as such the truth is that I used it a lot. However, it has been to run out of it to adapt to the Galaxy Z Fold2 and I have not missed it either, so it certainly seems like not everyone needs the S-Pen.

There is no doubt that offer it as an option on the Galaxy S and forget about creating a specific family of mobiles just for the stylusIt seems then the best of decisions.

Galaxy Note20 Ultra bottom with S-Pen

Samsung has already confirmed that its S-Pen will reach more Galaxy phones.

3. The Galaxy Note is too expensive over the Galaxy S, without offering much more

If we talked about what the Galaxy Note20 Ultra and the Galaxy S20 Ultra are not too different, neither in possibilities nor in hardware nor in design and construction, it is logical to think that should cost a similar price, although certainly the Galaxy Note is significantly more expensive.

And because? Well just for the stylus and additional software that Samsung has created to enlarge and justify its experience, something that I honestly do not think costs that much ... Or if?

4. The Galaxy Note no longer set the standard, much less the industry trend

I mentioned it previously, perhaps one of the motivations with the greatest weight is this, and that is The Galaxy Note were always a bit of those advanced mobiles in their time that everyone wanted, and perhaps could not have.

Nobody disputes that in size they set a trend and they took everyone to their land, including Apple, and although no one has wanted to replicate the stylus the truth is with all the mobiles already too similar and differing now by the camera and few details, this family 'Note' has run out of its cutting edge brand, without its weight in technological advances ... If even Samsung has caught it and created a Galaxy Note in a small size!

5. The future will be foldable, whether we like it or not

Samsung has not stopped placing itself in the pole position of mobile innovation, although in this respect, the family that now sets the standard in the Galaxy catalog and in the development of future mobile experiences it is without a doubt the Galaxy Z range with its foldable devices.

And it is that yes, we want it or not, the future of smartphones will be foldable although many still disagree, as their durability and formats will be studied until they are adapted and there the ground to cover is much greater and the capacity to innovate as well, something indispensable for Samsung.

Little more can be asked of a Galaxy Note that already offer state-of-the-art photo modules, 120Hz displays, Hi-Res sound support and Dolby or HDR content, experience gaming advanced even releasing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ... But we can ask for much more from the folding ones!

Not everyone wants a foldable (for now), so Samsung, don't ditch the Galaxy Note!

In a way, that the debate is alive is a sign that the market appreciates the Galaxy Note, perhaps even more than the Galaxy S, so the truth is that it is probably not the best idea to discontinue the Galaxy Note now that people have internalized that the best of the Samsung galaxy comes with them always after the summer.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is almost a status symbol, as we said those mobiles that set the standard technologically and that everyone wanted to haveAlthough not all could get it because of their high prices. Having the best has always cost yours!

Further, offer the S-Pen as an external accessory of the Galaxy S or other devices it is surely not the most comfortable thing in the world, because we have already seen that the Galaxy S21 do not have a hole to house the stylus and nobody wants to carry more pots over in the pockets.

Perhaps the future of the Galaxy Note family is to integrate with the Galaxy Z, offering some kind of rollable experience as shown by the latest Samsung patents, but maintaining the distinctive features of the range with its S-Pen and improvements in productivity.

Anyway, if I had to convince Samsung I'd tell them that not everyone wants a flip phone, not for now at least, and that it is true that there are niches and options for everyone, but that it is a mistake to abandon the Galaxy Note without offering a suitable substitute ... In fact, I have an idea, why not offer a device similar to this rolling Galaxy Note that have we already seen patented and in concepts?

We would kill two birds with one stone The Galaxy Note return to the technological forefront, showing the future, would also offer that folding experience that yes, that everyone will want in the future, and would maintain the features productivity improvements of the Galaxy Note with a stylus well lodged in the body ... Isn't that a good idea?