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5 mistakes you're making on Tinder and other dating apps

If you are a regular user of dating applications, be very careful with what you share on the Internet.

The youngest of the place will not believe it but before smartphones existed we used other techniques to flirt such as approaching the boy / girl you liked at the disco, asking for his mobile number to send him text messages and even chat with a program that no longer exists and that it was called MSN Messenger, which was something like WhatsApp but only for computers.

Nowadays, finding our better half is much easier thanks to new technologies and especially to applications such as Tinder, Badoo and many others. You just have to create a good profile, select a good photo and insist until you make a "match" with someone you might like..

Of course, as in any social network, you don't really know who you are talking to on the other side of the screen, so you have to be very careful with the information you provide. In this article we are not going to teach you how to flirt but we will We are going to advise you not to make common mistakes when using this type of application.

Do not provide private data

Tinder for Android

Tinder is the most popular dating app and that also makes it one of the most dangerous

Meeting someone on a social network like Tinder or Badoo is always exciting, but let's be cautious. The girl or boy you are talking to may be really beautiful in the photo but you still don't know if it really exists or on the contrary is someone who has created a fake account with which to scam someone.

Do not provide information at the first change such as your names and surnames, where you live, your email or the name of your social networks.

Avoid showing photos of where you live or where you work


If you show how much money you earn on social networks ... maybe someone tries to scam you

A picture is worth a thousand words. Social networks are a perfect place for criminals, especially if their users are those who like to show off what they have.

Show the neighborhood where you live, the car you have, your job or what you earn it can be the trigger for a thief or a scammer to take an eye on you.

Use alternative email accounts and passwords

Use the same email account and password in the dating app and for the bank maybe not the best idea. It is advisable to use email accounts created only for this type of application as well as different passwords.

It is not the first time that the news has broken that a dating portal has been hacked, revealing the emails and passwords of thousands of users, so prevention is better than cure.

Do not provide your social networks to the first contact that asks for them

Misused social networks are dangerous if misused. In them we not only have a multitude of private photos of us, but also of acquaintances and relatives. That is to say, a gold mine for criminals.

Be very careful when sharing social networks in dating apps Because you will not only be providing a lot of information about yourself to people you don't know yet, but also information from third parties who are not to blame because you don't have common sense.

Use common sense

Common sense

Use common sense when using Tinder, Badoo, or any other social network.

Last but not least, use common sense. You may think that you have met the most wonderful person in the world, that you have been talking to that person for a couple of hours and you think that he is the love of your life, but be very careful.

These types of scammers use messages of a loving nature to gain the trust of the user. They also send them photos of attractive women (the victims are usually men), all with the aim of achieving some kind of economic benefit.

So be careful if someone asks you for money because they want to travel to meet you, it is most likely a full-blown scam. Ignore these types of messages and never share bank or personal information with these fake accounts.