3 times when it is not advisable to activate messages that disappear in WhatsApp

Do you have the automatic deletion of conversations in WhatsApp activated by default in all your conversations? You should not.

Although it is not the best messaging app that we can install on our smartphone, WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular tool in the world. The first arrived replacing paid SMS and despite the strong competition that exists today, no one can take away the throne.

WhatsApp works more than correctly, But it is not the safest app and it is not the best supported app. Its developers find it quite difficult to add interesting news and many of those that arrive, have long been in the rivals.

WhatsApp recently added a new feature consisting of disappearing messages. That is, it is an option that when activated, makes conversation messages disappear after seven days.

When we say disappear is disappear, nothing to leave a notice that the message has been deleted, no trace. This can come in handy to erase minor conversations and incidentally free up memory on the terminal, but it is not an option that we should leave activated in all our contacts and groups.

There are times when having our messages deleted automatically can be harmful to us, so we leave you 3 times when it is not advisable to activate the messages that disappear in WhatsApp.

In working groups

Emojis in WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world

Although it is not the most desirable, many have a WhatsApp group with co-workers and with their boss. In these groups, not only memes and jokes are sent but sometimes useful information, documents and even jobs are sent by the manager.

Imagine that our boss makes us an important order or sends us a document and because of having activated this option, we lose it. One option is to ask another colleague to provide us with all this information but ... obviously it is much better to deactivate the automatic deletion of messages and heal us in health.

If you are self-employed or have your own business

Business applications

If you do not want your business to end in ruin, do not activate the automatic deletion of conversations in WhatsApp

If any of you are self-employed or have a business, surely you have used WhatsApp to communicate with customers or suppliers. Honestly, it is not the most correct thing but we are not going to deny it, it is really comfortable to use tools like WhatsApp Business.

Again having the function of deleting WhatsApp messages activated is not advisable. Losing customer orders, having a conversation about payments, problems or disputes deleted from you because the merchandise has arrived wrong ... many times we need these messages to demonstrate something in particular, so losing them can be really harmful to our business.

Certain private conversations


Despite there being better alternatives, WhatsApp is the leading messaging app

It is possible that many of our conversations with acquaintances or friends are superfluous so the automatic deletion of WhatsApp messages may even be advisable. However, in certain situations it is possible that we need to recover a conversation or some specific data from a chat.

This is solved by taking screenshots of the conversations to have them saved in the gallery, but the truth is that it is quite uncomfortable to keep captures of each interesting or important conversation.

As we can see, the new WhatsApp function can be quite useful on many occasions. In WhatsApp we usually store inconsequential conversations that are useless and that all they do is consume phone resources, so having this option activated can be something useful, especially for those users who have low-end or old smartphones.

Now, it must be borne in mind that the automatic deletion of WhatsApp messages is not something infallible. The recipient can take screenshots of the conversations, the forwarding and the replies are not deleted and if an image or document is downloaded, it will only be deleted from WhatsApp but not from the phones on which it has been downloaded (obviously).

So if you don't want something we've written to last forever, have common sense and better not write it.