Samsung's new cheap mobile drops to 179 euros

28 other free apps that you can get for a limited time, take advantage!

Today you have the opportunity to get new free apps for your mobile. The developers have again downgraded some of their best creations, so that for a limited time it is possible download apps and games that were previously paid, completely free of charge.

This time, it is possible to download apps like Memorize, one of the best for learning languages; as well as customization tools that you will surely find useful.

It is also possible to find real games the level of Blossom Clicker or Shadow Knight. Without further ado, we went on to see all free apps available today on Google Play.

Free Google Play apps and games

Free Android paid apps and games.

Free Android paid apps

  • Memorize: Learn Japanese Words with Flashcards | Free 4.99 euros

  • Mobile Doc Scanner (MDScan) + OCR | Free 10.99 euros

  • Meeting Notes Taker - Recorder, memo and minutes | Free 2.99 euros

  • QR / Barcode Scanner PRO | Free 2.39 euros

  • Minka Light - Icon Pack | Free 0.99 euros

  • Flamingo KWGT | Free 1.59 euros

  • Simply HDR | Free 3.29 euros

  • Minka Dark - Icon Pack | Free 0.99 euros

Paid games for Android free

  • Blossom Clicker VIP | Free 0.89 euros

  • Peppa Pig: The Happy Chicken | Free 3.49 euros

  • Even and Odd Premium | Free 0.59 euros

  • Hidden Numbers PRO | Free 2.09 euros

  • Broken Words PRO | Free 1.99 euros

  • My English Grammar Test: Past Tenses PRO | Free 2.19 euros

  • Spelling Pro! (Premium) | Free 2.19 euros

  • Numerico - Math Cross Game | Free 2.19 euros

  • Shadow Knight: Era of Legends - RPG Fighting Game | Free 1.09 euros

  • Zombie Age 3 Premium: Rules of Survival | Free 0.99 euros

  • Drop Boxes - Tower block | Free 0.59 euros

  • Crazy Halloween Puzzle | Free 0.59 euros

  • Hero Evolution2: SP | Free 2.69 euros

  • Heroes Defender Fantasy - Epic Tower Defense Game | Free 2.09 euros

  • Superhero Fruit Premium: Robot Wars Future Battles | Free 2.09 euros

  • Message Quest - The Incredible Adventures of Feste | Free 2.09 euros

  • Sword Warriors Premium: Heroes Fight - Epic Action | Free 1.99 euros

  • She Works HIS Way | Free 1.99 euros

  • Multiplying Fractions Trainer | Free 1.99 euros

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