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13 Android games to play at home with family and friends

Have a great time without leaving home with these Android games to play in groups.

A good way to disconnect from the daily routine is have fun playing on our mobile, but we could also choose to multiply the dose of fun if we do with our friends or family. This shows us that it is not necessary to leave the house, or have the latest technology devices to be able to have fun in a big way.

You and your loved ones will show your skills and compete in fabulous free Android games that you just need to download to start enjoying. Prepare your mobile and choose from this incredible list one of the group games to enjoy an afternoon between laughter and fun.

Android phones playing

Have fun with your friends and family with these games for Android.

13 Android games to play in a group

  • Mario Kart Tour
  • ONE! ™
  • Crossing words
  • MONOPOLY Poker
  • BombSquad
  • Hanged
  • Guess who I am
  • Pinturillo 2
  • Super Fight
  • Mad Parcheesi
  • Crossy road
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Golf Battle

Mario Kart Tour

The classic Mario game has returned with a renewed version in which you can play with your loved ones or with people around the world. In addition, this edition of the game is inspired by racing circuits in different cities around the world, which change every two weeks so that you and your friends can enjoy a amazing viewing experience.

In addition, this improved classic is part of the multiplayer games to have a great time with friends, in this mode the team can choose the rules of the race, from the speed, the number of objects available, the starting or finishing points and even the obstacles they will face.

With their skill they will be able to win and collect badges that they will be able to show off next to their nickname as players.

ONE! ™

Cards of one and characters around a green virtual board.

Traditional UNO game to play in a group online.

One of the most traditional and well-known games in the world to play as a family is UNO. This game of letters in enhanced and virtual version presents you with a new way to have fun and spend time with your loved ones.

In this version all participants can choose the classic rules or establish new rules. Is a excellent couple game, since it has a 2 × 2 mode in which you can win as a team.

A game that will challenge all participants to the highest level and they can collect rewards while meeting new characters and places.

Crossing words

Board with letter tiles that form words in horizontal and vertical line.

One of the best online word games to play on your mobile with friends.

Put your brain and your teammates to the test with this crossword game, which can be played as a team or all against all. Crosswords features over 2000 levels that challenge your skills to the maximum and knowledge, there is no time limit and they can play it No internet connection.

When you play alone and feel that it is impossible to find the answer, you can also ask your friends for help, sharing your incomplete puzzle virtually.


Play with your friends in fun Poker tournaments. In this multiplayer game you will be able to decide if you invite your friends to play with you or against you, the important thing about this exciting challenge is that only the best will be able to go to the next round and climb the leaderboard.

In this online version of the Texas Holdem tables, you will find few rules and a lot to win. The secret is to promote play fair and play your cards demonstrating their skills, to win chips, rings and the big jackpot with virtual money.


Cartoon about wooden blocks in an explosives fight.

Online multiplayer game for Android mobile.

A constant fight between sports, missions and explosives. This game consists of various settings and characters, all with the same mission of capturing the flag and exploiting the largest number of opponents. He multiplayer mode, is the ideal game to enjoy an afternoon with friends on the couch or for a family dinner.

It is a simple and very fun game, from the comfort of your mobile and anywhere to choose the characters they will compete with, make them jump, launch and bomb, opening the way on the way to great triumph, up to 8 players can participate.


Screen of a mobile with spaces to be completed with the letters of the keys and a bar where the hangman appears

Trivial mobile game to play at home in a group.

A classic game with thematic adaptations, to make it much more interesting and challenging, can play multi-language version. The words will increase in difficulty as the levels pass and the fun will increase when playing with your partner or with your best friend in the mode for 2 players.

In the mode for two players, one of them chooses a word and writes it, then shares clues with their rivals so that they can guess them and finally The one who manages to place the correct letters will win to complete the word, just before the figure is fully drawn.

Also with this game both children and adults can practice their skills of language and vocabulary in different languages, at the same time that they play and have fun.

Guess who I am

A board with characters, some hidden that the players will have to guess.

One of the best online guessing games to play on mobile with your friends.

Guess who is the mysterious character of your opponent and have a great time. Guess who I am is one of the best board games to play on Android phones or tablets with which the whole family will put their skills to the test. To play in a group, two competitors could start randomly, who between words, questions and answers will try to guess which is the other's character, the winner will advance to the next round and he will face the family members who fail to defeat him.

This classic board game in digital version is perfect to play with family and friends in the 2-player mode in isolation, in this way they can be eliminated more quickly. In the end alone the best two will face off in a guessing war for the win.

Pinturillo 2

Green background with the word pinturillo in colors with stars and pencils around

Trivial game of drawings in which the family can have fun playing online from their cell phones.

A simple and fun game of drawings to play with your friends or family from your mobile and at the same time all gathered. It has more than 5000 words that will test creativity and the drawing skills of all participants.

It's as simple as choosing a word, starting to draw, and waiting for the words to appear. In addition, this version has a special automatic hint system, which equally helps players to guess the word faster. They can play it in 5 different languages.

Super Fight

Join in these fun battles the Iconic Nickelodeon TV Characters. They can choose the favorite character from their childhood and form the team they want to play in a group virtually in the boxing simulator.

Every fight will take place in incredible scenarios of the different series, so gather your friends as soon as possible to create the best team in search of victory, together you can win this great boxing match in 3 vs 3 mode.

Mad Parcheesi

Color board with dice in the center and animated characters.

Online board game on your mobile to play with your partner or friends at home.

Play as a couple, as a family, with friends or you can even make new friends and connect with people from all over the world. This daring and crazy version of Parcheesi lets you customize the game, design the board as a team and choose the game modes.

El Loco Parcheesi lets you play with 4 friends or users online at the same time being able to even connect with Facebook and invite your friends to join this fun game. Within the different boards and modalities they will be able to win prizes and virtual money.

Crossy road

One of the best games to play in a group online and at any time from your mobile, several people can play from the same device and accumulate points to define the winner. This game takes skills and dexterity to the highest level of your loved ones racing fast and making explosive movements to achieve the mission with each of the characters they choose.

further they won't stop laughing at the curious answers and funny to many of the unknowns of daily life, which you will find as a reward when you advance to a level or when you achieve the mission. They will discover why the chicken crossed the street and have fun like never before.

8 Ball Pool

Pool table with the 8 balls on it and the shadow of 3 players in the background.

Online pool game to play in a group on your mobile.

For billiards fans and of the exciting tournaments we have in this selection the 8 Ball Pool which is a virtual game in which you and your friends can face each other 1 to 1, or participate in the great challenge of all against all in which you can participate up to 8 players to fight for the win. They also have the opportunity to win and collect trophies, pool coins and exclusively designed cues in each of the levels.

They will have the most fun in a group and they will spend pleasant moments being in the same house or even long distance playing live. Challenge your friends and level up to show your talent and get much more interesting challenges at the same time that you have fun with them.

Golf Battle

Golf course with 4 balls at full speed in 3 different settings: desert, forest and glacier.

Golf game for mobile in multiplayer version.

With this virtual mini golf game you will play with your loved ones in more than 120 mini golf courses with incredible settings from all over the world. Each player has the possibility of observe movements, shoot and be in real time on the same field sharing golf clubs and personalized balls.

Tournaments are held in 1 to 1 or all against all mode with up to 6 friends connected that they can invite to play through Facebook. Each player has a turn to roll and as they advance in level they will be able to win and unlock awesome golf clubs.