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120W charging, QHD + resolution and pure power

About the Xiaomi Mi 11 we still do not know everything, since the leaks seem to be coming out with a dropper. However, some of the first details about the design of the Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi's new highest-end product line that will come from the hand of the new Snapdragon 888.

The supposed design and some of its details have been leaked, so we are going to review this new information, since there would be important changes in design with the new Xiaomi Mi 11.

A camera module to say goodbye to the vertical strip

Image 2020 12 03 12 21 55

2020 has been the year of camera modules. We have seen gigantic modules, including the Mi 10 family with the Mi 10 Ultra. However, the Xiaomi Mi 10 arrived with a bulging vertical strip of cameras. This would change with the new Xiaomi Mi 11, of which the first images have been leaked.

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The first one is a supposed promotional poster in which an image of the Mi 11 appears, in not too high quality. It shows a large camera module, but discreet in terms of the implementation of the sensors. We can appreciate a main sensor surrounded by a small circle, with a secondary sensor underneath and a third sensor on the side. Below it, a space is reserved that seems to be dedicated to the LED flash.

Image 2020 12 03 12 22 14

Along with this poster come two filtered images of Mi 11 in which the same design seems to be confirmed. In the same way, metal edges can be seen on the sides, also seeing how the module protrudes from the body of the terminal.

Regarding the specifications, the leak indicates that both models will have an AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate and Quad HD + resolutionThe inches of each are not yet known. In the same way, it is said that they will have a hole in the screen in which a 20 megapixel camera will be inserted.

According to the filtration, we will see fast charging of up to 120W in the Mi 11 family, a real outrage at the speed level

Regarding the battery, there is talk of 4,780mAh for the Xiaomi Mi 11 and 4,500mAh in the case of the Mi 11 Pro. The decrease in battery is due to the fact that the Mi 11 Pro would have a fast charging of 120W, and more charging power, less battery.

Both models, according to the leak and as confirmed by the brand, will bet on the Snapdragon 888 from Qualcomm, with LPPDR5 RAM and UFS 3.1 storage. There is talk of a base configuration of 8 + 128 GB, a fingerprint reader under the screen, double speaker and infrared in both models.

As for the price, the leak says that they will start from $ 610 to change in the case of the Mi 11, $ 808 to change for the Pro model. Prices close to a thousand euros, as we saw last year, since fees and taxes will have to be added.

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