100 million mobiles ... only in China?

With its ties to a still banned Huawei terminated, it seems that Honor has big plans in 2021 ... Will Shenzhen's meet expectations?

Already in the hands of Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. and without the Obvious limitations of being part of the giant Huawei, the truth is the future looks very good for an Honor that she is also ambitious, and that she wants to set a level objective so as not to lose perspective.

And it is that yes, we do not know yet if Honor is considering now attack international markets from the outset where it already operated, since its production capacity will have been reduced without the possibilities of Huawei and its factories, but what we do know is that its new directors plan to sell up to 100 million units in a 2021 that points to recovery after the market crash in this pandemic year.

Also, do not think that it is a figure on the air, because GizChina told us that the figures have been made public by himself Zhao Ming, former Honor boss within Huawei and now Shenzhen company president in its new journey as an independent firm.

Honor 30 series

We love the ambition of the new Honor, but it remains to be seen if they will be in Europe in 2021.

Without a doubt, it is a great incentive to see the new Honor so ambitious, but now without the umbrella and the shelter of a giant like Huawei, we will now have to see its potential, its productive capacity and if they are prepared to sell also in Europe and the rest of international markets.

Without offering more details about whether these figures would be counted only for the Chinese market or also in the rest of the markets, from Honor Terminal they affirm that want to become the number one smartphone brand in China, a level objective although it almost seems excessive for what will be its first year as a proper manufacturer.

Not surprisingly, looking at the 2019 figures may put them in a good position on the starting grid for 2021, as Huawei including Honor was first with 140.6 million units sold, multiplying by more than 2 the number of mobile phones delivered by Vivo, second step on the podium in China with 66.5 million units. The third drawer went to OPPO with 62.8 million, curiously leaving a triumphant Xiaomi in Spain fourth in his country of birth, with "only" 40 million mobile phones sold.

Perhaps these figures tell us that Zhao Ming spoke only of the Chinese market, so your global goals could be even more ambitious, although it will be time to wait for movements without the umbrella of a Huawei that does not have shares in the new company and that it does not participate in the management processes, in decision-making or in the design or manufacture of its devices.

If I did, indeed, surely the veto of the United States would be maintained, main motivation for the definitive split of Honor.

An Honor mobile

Honor had some of the most attractive phones in the Android catalog, also in prices!

Honor will be able to use Qualcomm and MediaTek chips, although Huawei does not want to disconnect completely

It should be confirmed in passing that Honor will be able to use Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets, and that also from the giant of San Diego already recognize being negotiating with them the supply of their Snapdragon, the most popular processors on the mobile market, for the new Honor smartphones.

MediaTek has also indicated that its contracts with Honor are about to materialize, so the most affordable cut 5G mobiles from the new Shenzhen-based manufacturer could incorporate the latest MediaTek Dimensity to its portfolio of specifications.

There is not much data in this regard, only news and rumors from sources that claim to be well informed, although from Huawei its president Ren Zhengfei has stated in an internal letter that they hope that Honor will not get to completely disconnect from Huawei facing the uncertain future that now opens up as competitors, being able to maintain synergies and / or supply contracts that benefit both parties ... We will have to see it, so we will be attentive!