this mid-range realme falls to 168 euros

10 units and $ 6,000

If you are a fanboy of Apple and Steve Jobs, this is your perfect iPhone.

Some love her while others hate her, but what there is no doubt is that a brand like Apple leaves no one indifferent.

Many think that the products of the bitten apple are overrated, that there are much better alternatives on Android and above all at a much better price. Whether it's true or a lie, the only thing we can assure you is that no matter what the Cupertino company does, your products are bestsellers.

Now, if you think that the latest iPhone 12 are expensive phones, wait to see this version only suitable for the most fanboys of Apple.

This is the most exclusive iPhone: only for the most Apple fanboys

iPhone 12 Caviar

These versions of the iPhone 12 feature a piece of shirt from Steve Jobs himself.

Although the last smartphone of those from Cupertino is the iPhone 12, the phone that changed everything was the mythical iPhone 4. Presented by Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple and one of the most influential people who have set foot on this planet, this model is remembered for being one of the best smartphones ever created. Such has been its importance that the new iPhone 12 is even based on model number four.

Now, Caviar, a brand known for launching smartphones to the market at prohibitive prices, honoring the tenth anniversary of the iPhone 4, has presented a new version of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max in black titanium and that we already anticipate that you surely do not want to buy because its price starts from $ 6,490.

And why are they so expensive? Inside the iconic Apple logo that each iPhone has, there is a fragment of one of Steve Jobs's legendary turtleneck shirts, pieces of clothing that he always wore, and it is that in each presentation it was quite normal to see him with those shirts and sweaters long neck. And how could it be otherwise, These devices are really unique since only 10 units are going to be put on sale.

It really is a collection only suitable for collectors (and for people with a lot of money) since being able to have a piece of Steve Jobs's own clothing is not something that can be obtained every day. Only suitable for real fanboys.